Ketchum and Walton


for over 68 years, has provided ventilation and HVAC solutions servicing a broad spectrum of applications. The design and application of ventilation equipment is necessary to provide adequate conditions for maintaining the efficiency, health and safety of the workers.

Starting as an Aerovent Representative in 1949, Ketchum & Walton has continued to strengthen our position in the HVAC industry through the years with the addition of multiple top tier manufacturers.  With the lines we represent, we can offer to our customers high end products that address a wide range of heating, cooling and air movement needs.

Twin City Fan Companies through its subsidiaries (Aerovent, Twin City Fan, Clarage) offer air moving equipment from the smallest commercial fan to the several thousand horsepower industrial blowers for the utility and pollution control industries.  We are not limited to local applications and have supplied fans as far away as Canada and Latin America.

Air Enterprises manufacturers all aluminum custom air handlers for any type of application where corrosion, weight and leakage are a concern.  The SiteBilt option virtually eliminates any installation issues due to job site constraints and factory design assistance can assure our customer receives the most energy efficient unit as possible.

Hastings HVAC and Aerovent’s Make-up Air Group provide multiple options for direct and indirect fired natural gas and oil make-up air units.  Electric, hot water and steam heat as well as DX and Chilled water cooling sections  are also available.

Control of air flow is provided through American Warming and Ventilating’s wide range of intake louvers and control dampers.  When applications dictate low leakage, low maintenance and aluminum construction, TAMCO dampers are a recommended option.

With the wide range of products we offer, we can provide project specific solutions to meet a wide range of applications and budgets.

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