Unwanted sound or noise is a major problem in hospitals the world over. Elevated noise levels negatively impact patient health and recovery. Also, If you are building, retrofitting or managing a healthcare facility where protecting patient health information is a concern, sound masking can be the best solution to meet your HIPAA oral privacy requirements — and the most cost-effective safeguard you can include. In addition, speech privacy is considered by many patients and doctors to be critical to patient satisfaction. Our sound masking solutions meet ASTM standards for speech privacy and meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In addition, nowhere is air filtration more important than in health care facilities. The level of airborne infectious contaminants increases proportionately with the increased population density of infected individuals. Concern is not limited to hospitals. Nursing homes and dental offices or clinics also need efficient filtration. Energy savings and flexible air filtration systems for operating theatres are also high priority today.

At the Ketchum and Walton Company, we understand needs of Healthcare facilities and can provide solutions that help you breath cleaner air and recover more comfortably.