Noise control

The Ketchum and Walton Company provides architectural acoustics and noise control solutions to create visually-pleasing, quiet environments. We have partnered with the industry leaders in Noise Control to offer a broad spectrum of solutions for all applications.


The Ketchum & Walton Company provides HVAC solutions to our clients through engineered solutions and product application. We offer solutions from market leaders that are focused on continuous improvements in research, development, quality and technology.

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Secaucus, NJ Team

Ketchum and Walton Core Values

Committed and innovative people in an entrepreneurial environment is our key success.

Our core values express the soul of our company and serve as a guiding star for the ensure Ketchum and Walton Company. Since we are all owners/shareholders, we have a vested interested in following our core values below.

Reliability We are reliable because we know the market, we are honest and truthful. Our people, products and processes must always meet or supersede, agreed results.

Commitment We are committed to always striving for the best possible solutions and we are in the forefront of technological and environmental developments in our fields of expertise.

Customer satisfaction We put our customers first. We focus on identifying customer needs and creating long-lasting customer value. Teamwork Working together makes us stronger, increases our success and customer satisfaction.

Local presence Local understanding and presence in local markets builds customer relations and satisfaction.