HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, & Noise Control Solutions in Chicago Illinois

Innovative Solutions for Real World Problems in the Chicago, Illinois Area

Since acquiring Huff Company, the Chicago, Illinois team has been your trusted partner in HVAC, Architectural and Interior Acoustics, and Indoor Air Quality solutions.

Save Time and Energy with a Chicago Expert that Goes the Extra Mile

Designing, developing, and owning a building in Chicagoland brings many challenges. In addition to exceeding industry standards and ensuring maximum comfort, you must integrate sound management, HVAC solutions, and indoor air quality into the final design – all while deadlines quickly approach.

All things considered, it’s safe to say you have a lot on your plate, and you don’t have time to settle for low quality solutions. You deserve more, and it’s time to turn to your trusted industry expert for high-performance products that solve your complex problems.


We’re 100% employee-owned. So, when you work with a member of our team, you’re collaborating with a stakeholder vested in your project’s success.


Our people are our greatest asset, from our project managers and admin team members to our dedicated reps. We all work together to ensure your project’s success.

Premium Product

We represent industry-leading manufacturers and offer quality products that exceed industry standards.

Knowledgeable Sales

Although we operate individually, we’re one team. Our Chicago, Illinois, team’s collective knowledge across all business segments is invaluable to our clients.

Meet Your Elite Chicago, Illinois Team

This isn’t just our job; it’s our passion, and our team is dedicated to the success of your business. Benefit from the expertise of our highly knowledgeable Chicago sales force.

Jamie Artelt

Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control Solutions


Bill Cantrall

Air Filtration, HVAC, Vibration Isolation/Seismic Restraints Sales Engineer


David Golle

Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control Solutions, Commercial Window Shades


Todd Mitchell

Office Leader
Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control Solutions


Tim Turpin

Doug Lee

Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control Solutions, Window Shades


Lindsey Shepherd

Office Administrator


Improve Building Quality with Long-Term Solutions

Our Chicago, Illinois team only sources high-quality solutions from premier manufacturers that improve lives, promote sustainability, and last for years to come.

Noise Control & Architectural Acoustics

Our HVAC team assists on a wide range of projects, from unwanted structure-borne noise to seismic and wind restraints. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right solution.

Learn More | View Our Portfolio

Noise Control & Architectural Acoustics

HVAC Solutions

Our HVAC team assists on a wide range of projects, from unwanted structure-borne noise to seismic and wind restraints. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right solution.

Learn More | View Our Portfolio

HVAC Solutions

Indoor Air Quality

Whether you need new construction or aftermarket products, our indoor air quality solutions improve and protect people, processes, and the environment while resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.

Learn More | View Our Portfolio

Indoor Air Quality

Delegated Design Engineering

We provide seismic restraint engineering services, wind analysis, pipe stress analysis, and other services on various parts of a building and provide our customers with expert recommendations.

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Delegated Design Engineering

Brands We Trust



Containment Housings, Air Filters, HEPA Filters
Clipso Ceiling & Walls

Clipso Ceiling & Walls

Custom Wall Panels, Partitions, Ceiling Clouds
Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control

Vibration Isolation, Seismic & Wind Restraints, Ceiling Isolators, Diffusers & Reflectors

Noise Barriers

Noise Barriers

SCIF Barriers, Barrier Walls, Enclosures, Absorption Panels
Fabritrak Systems Inc.

FabriTRAK Systems Inc.

Stretch Fabric Acoustical System, Wall and Ceiling Panels, Baffles
Real Acoustix

Real Acoustix

Fabric Wall Panels, Glass Absorption, Clouds & Diffusers
Velaria Systems

Velaria Systems

Wall Panels, Ceiling Membrane Systems
CleanRooms International

CleanRooms International

Cleanroom Systems and Components

Engineered Flexible Products

Compensators, Flue Ducts, Metal Hose, Expansion Joints

Huddl Design

Acoustic Panels
Sound Seal

Sound Seal

Noise Barriers, Baffles, Enclosures, Pipe and Duct Noise Control

Here’s the Simple Way to Solving Your Complex Problem

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team

First, we’ll meet to discuss your needs, identify your problem, and develop a strategy for implementing the solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

Once we’ve developed a plan, we’ll put together a quote including all of your product needs to get the ball rolling.
Step 3

Implement the Solution

Here, we’ll execute your solution. This process varies depending on your product needs, but our team oversees the entire installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the end result. We’ll address any concerns, ensuring the highest level of quality and functionality to exceed your expectations.

The Huff Company Story

Huff Company was founded in 1960, focusing initially on oil filtration for power plants. Soon after, they encountered several noise issues, forcing them to expand their product offering with high-quality noise control solutions. As time went on, the noise control segment grew exponentially, causing Huff Company to discontinue oil filtration operations to focus solely on noise control solutions.

In 2013, Ketchum & Walton acquired Huff Company to expand their operations in the midwest. After this acquisition, Huff Company began serving the HVAC and Air Filtration markets in addition to their noise control offerings, making them the go-to partner in the Chicago area.

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