IAQ Solutions Save Pharmaceutical Manufacturer $40k

Cincinnati, OH

Indoor Air Quality
Supply Fan Amp draw Study
Pressure drop readings
Cost calculations

When a large pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to improve their facility’s sustainability by reducing energy consumption, waste, and labor costs, the Ketchum & Walton Co. team got to work on a solution that met their needs. To solve this complex issue, we converted pre-filters to ultra-high capacity pleat and final filters from an aluminum separator style to the highest-performing 4V filter in the industry.

These new changes reduced pressure drop to 0.50” w.g., resulting in an amp draw reduction by supply of over 7%. Once incorporated in all the facilities’ air handlers, the manufacturer saved $40,000 in annual energy costs at a kWh of $0.085. The reduced kWh of over 470,000 equated to a carbon footprint reduction of 848,725 pounds of CO2.

Additionally, we saw a waste stream decrease of 1,470 cubic feet and a 19% reduction in air filtration costs, with a 64% reduction in labor and disposal costs.

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