IAQ Solutions for Product Manufacturer

Cincinnati, OH

Indoor Air Quality
Supply Fan Amp Draw Study
In Field Particle Counter
Pressure Drop Readings

When one of the largest product manufacturers wanted to reduce their energy consumption, waste, and labor costs, the Ketchum & Walton Co. team delivered a high-performing solution that provided the best total cost of ownership.

This involved converting the product manufacturer’s air filtration filter banks from two stages to a single-stage pocket filter, which reduced the average filter pressure drop from 0.92” water gauge to 0.25” over two years. This pressure drop also reduced the building’s kilowatt hours by over 1,170,000, which is the equivalent of a carbon footprint reduction of over 2.1 million pounds of CO2 and a waste stream decrease of 1,790 cubic feet.

By reducing kilowatt hours to $0.07 per kWh, the facility saved over $82,000 in annual energy costs. In addition to these savings, air filtration costs were reduced by 58%, and labor and disposal costs were reduced by 57%. On top of that, Indoor Air Quality of PM1 particles (1 micron) improved by 24%.

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