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Partner with an industry expert who specializes in providing high-performance HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, and Noise Control solutions for complex building projects.

Develop a Plan To Eliminate Unwanted Noise in Your Building Project

The many floors and uses for multi-family residential buildings present several noise issues. Paper-thin walls, wood-framed construction, and loud rooftop equipment create unwanted noise that invades a tenant’s living space.

These problems require specific, high-performance solutions, such as wall clips, ceiling hangers, and vibration isolation materials to decouple walls, ceilings, and equipment from the building’s structure and reduce STC (Sound Transmission Class) and (IIC) Impact Insulation Class ratings.

We understand multi-family construction and the many challenges you face on a building project. Our solutions utilize mass, air space, and resiliency to achieve maximum results and create comfort in the modern world.

The Ketchum & Walton Difference

1. Premium Product Lines

Our diverse product line consisting of hangers, clips, and floor underlayment systems effectively keep unwanted noise out of your living space.

2. Dependable Sales Team

Your project’s success is our success, and we’re here to support you throughout the entire process.

3. Knowledgeable Sales Force

We have 250+ years of combined experience, and we put our industry knowledge to work for you to exceed your expectations.

4. Ownership Mindset

We’re 100% employee-owned. So, when you work with a member of our team, you collaborate with a stakeholder vested in your success.

Innovative Solutions for Real-world Problems

Our products enhance many types of building environments. Whether you need sustainable HVAC solutions or high-performing noise control products, we’re here to exceed your expectations.

Architectural Acoustics & Noise Control Solutions

Our noise control solutions enhance the sounds you want to hear and eliminate the ones you don’t. We offer solutions for concert halls, classrooms, gymnasiums, churches, and much more.

Indoor Air

Whether you need high-efficiency HEPA filters or Molecular filters, we’ll provide the right solutions to ensure your building has optimal indoor air quality.


We offer custom air handling units, valves, coils, and other HVAC solutions to ensure your building heats, cools, and moves air efficiently.

Delegated Design

We provide clients with expert recommendations to protect your building and equipment, such as pipe stress analysis, wind analysis, seismic restraint engineering, and more.

Here’s the Blueprint to Your Success

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team

Our first step is to get involved early in the process to identify your needs and develop a strategy for implementing the right solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

After we identify your needs, we’ll put together a proposal encompassing the prescribed solutions.
Step 3

Implement the Solution

Now it’s time to execute. Our team is here to support you throughout the entire implementation process to ensure things go smoothly.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the final results. We’ll immediately address any concerns to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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