Noise Control Solutions for
Commercial Office Environments

Collaborate, concentrate, and build connections in a commercial space free from unwanted noise and designed for your optimal comfort.

Create a Calm Environment That Brings People Together

We often visit commercial buildings, like offices and restaurants, daily or weekly – and proper acoustical design is paramount to the experience and overall comfort in these spaces.

Open office chatter, impact noise from floors above, mechanical system noise, and environmental noise disrupts our concentration, reduces productivity, and ultimately prevents us from enjoying each other’s company. Not to mention the stress and other health effects caused by constant exposure to loud noises.

Our noise control team makes it easy for you to achieve form and function with contemporary acoustical solutions that satisfy your design taste and bring people together.

The Ketchum & Walton difference:

1. Improved Productivity & Worker Safety

Controlling noise levels in a commercial space significantly increases comfort and improves worker concentration.

2. Dependable Sales Team

Our noise control team is available at every stage of the process and a knowledgeable resource for any issues or questions you may have.

3. Healthier Building Occupants

Quiet environments reduce stress and the risk for cardiovascular complications that result from chronic low-level exposure to noise.

4. Customizable Products

Every project has different needs, and we offer unique colors and finishes that fit your design taste and provide maximum results.

5. Meet WELL, LEED, ANSI, and ASHRAE Design Standards

Depending on your project’s goals, our sales team is knowledgeable about all acoustical design standards and can design your project with these standards in mind.

Modern Noise Control Solutions for Your Commercial Space

Whether you need products for reverberation noise from the walls and ceilings of a space or isolation materials that absorb sound transmissions from other areas of a building, our team will find the right solution to fit your needs.
Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Gone are the days of bland white acoustic panels. We broaden your horizons with various color palette options and finishes that suit any room’s design.

Clouds and Baffles

Clouds & Baffles

Clouds and baffles are suspended fabric materials that control reverberation. This attractive option opens the door to many creative possibilities for designers when integrating within a space.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Many commercial walls are not finished to the top of the structure, giving it a low CAC rating – Ceiling Attenuation Class. CAC ratings measure how effective a ceiling system is at blocking airborne noise. Our manufacturing partners craft ceiling tiles capable of providing excellent sound absorption to block sound from traveling into adjacent rooms.

Floating Floor Systems

Floating Floor Systems

These highly effective, resilient products decouple concrete slabs to provide incredibly high STC and IIC ratings, preventing sound from transferring through floors in multi-story buildings.

Ceiling Isolators

Ceiling Isolators

Isolators are resilient materials that block noise transmitted in multi-story buildings and create air space within the ceiling structure. Typically these solutions are accompanied by 2-3 layers of drywall.

Wall Clips

Wall Clips

Our wall clips achieve maximum performance while taking up less space within the wall. This low-cost material blocks sound transmission from adjacent floors or rooms.

Controlling Noise is Simple with Ketchum & Walton

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team

To start the process, we’ll schedule a consultation to identify your problem and develop a strategy for implementing your solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

Once we’ve identified your product needs, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal to get the ball rolling.
Step 3

Implement the Solution

Now it’s time to implement your solution. We’ll be available during the entire installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

You should be 100% satisfied with the final product. We’ll immediately address any issues and make every effort to exceed your expectations.

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