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Transform Your Space with Superior Sound Control

The way sound travels through a room can make or break the experience. Students struggling to hear, employees missing key information, and audiences losing the magic of a performance are signs of acoustic neglect.

Choose to design for the ear, not just the eye, and safeguard well-being with intentional acoustic planning and noise control solutions.

Master the Sound Dynamics of Your Environment

The quality of acoustics profoundly shapes our interaction with and perception of a space. Inadequate acoustic design and unwanted noise can lead to students struggling to hear lessons, compromised workplace dialogue, and diminished audience engagement during performances.

The reason lies in the common practice of prioritizing visual aesthetics over acoustic functionality in the design of walls, ceilings, and floors, especially in venues like concert halls, classrooms, hospitals, and religious facilities. The experienced team of noise control experts in our Columbus office advocates for a design philosophy that honors the sensory experience. Without it, persistent noise can hinder productivity, overwhelm our senses, and negatively affect our well-being.

We provide high-absorption materials that fit your design taste while providing incredible results – enhancing the sounds you want to hear and reducing the ones you don’t with acoustical isolation elements.

The Ketchum & Walton Difference


We offer customizable noise control solutions that fit within any design and provide maximum performance.

Dependable Sales

Our team walks you through the process from start to finish, navigating design challenges and coordination along the way.


Acoustic treatment prevents stress, anxiety, heart disease, and other health problems associated with continual exposure to loud noises.


Proper room acoustic design manages unwanted environmental noise intrusion, allows environmental noises, and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Enhance Life’s Moments with Advanced Sound Management Systems

Be it intrusive noise from adjacent spaces or disruptive reverberations within your area, our specialized sound absorption solutions are crafted to address these challenges. Our extensive range of products is designed for diverse settings, including commercial structures, apartment complexes, educational environments, medical institutions, performance venues, places of worship, and many others.

Vibration Isolation

Our products isolate HVAC systems to prevent structure-borne noise transmission throughout the building.

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Vibration Isolation

Building Acoustics (Sound Transmission)

We provide complex isolation systems to address impact noise that travels through the ceilings and floors of a space.

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Building Acoustics

Room Acoustics

Acoustical clouds, reflectors, diffusers, ceiling tiles, fabric acoustical panels, and other high-performance materials help improve speech intelligibility and evenly distribute sound throughout a room to optimize the listener experience.

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Room Acoustics

Industrial / Environmental

In Industrial facilities, materials that absorb sound and also effectively block sound may be required. Products such as barriers, acoustical baffles, louvers, and curtains can be employed to reduce the sound energy produced by machinery and equipment noise. This can help with property line noise level concerns, or with hearing conservation measures, and OSHA.

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Industrial / Environmental

Airflow Attenuation

Airflow attenuation products reduce the noise created by HVAC equipment and include duct silencers, equipment casings, and acoustic louvers.

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Airflow Attenuation

Home / Home Theater

Various noise control products can be applied to the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home for sound absorption and sound reduction within your home theater.

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Home / Home Theater

We make controlling noise simple. Here’s how.

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Columbus-based Team

Our first step is to meet in person with our team of noise control experts in the Columbus office to discuss your problem and determine a strategy for implementing your solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

After we examine your problem, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommended solutions. When you choose to proceed, we’ll place your order and get the ball rolling.

Step 3

Implement the Solution

Now, it’s time to execute the solution. Our Columbus noise control experts will oversee the installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the final product. We’ll address any issues you have to ensure maximum performance and exceed your expectations.

Noise Control Excellence:
Boost Health, Enhance Efficiency, Perfect the Experience

Opting for active noise control measures does more than just calm your surroundings — it bolsters health and sharpens efficiency. Our noise reduction solutions can elevate the workplace atmosphere and diminish the detrimental impact of noise pollution. This results in clearer communication for staff, richer learning experiences for students, and the full enjoyment of live performances for audiences as envisioned.

Quality acoustics starts with proper design and high-performing products. You can rest easy knowing that our Columbus-based team of noise control experts has the knowledge and industry-best noise control products needed to help you create a space that brings people together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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