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Enhance Your Chicago Facility with HVAC Vibration Isolation Solutions

Create peace of mind in your Chicago property with vibration isolation solutions that block unwanted noise at the source to improve overall comfort.

Preserve Staff Safety & HVAC System Integrity

Building operations are a multifaceted undertaking. At the outset, HVAC systems must be crafted for utmost operational efficiency to slash energy usage, maintenance requirements, and total lifecycle outlays.

In the absence of premier solutions, clients are prone to increased safety risks and financial strain. Concurrently, the robustness of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems against unforeseen forces such as earthquakes or forceful winds must not be neglected; this demands the use of restraint products designed to either permit or prevent movement judiciously.

Equally important is the preemptive management of noise produced by such equipment, as failure to do so can lead to significant additional expenses post-installation.

Considering the breadth of considerations, enlisting the services of an expert in HVAC and engineered products is crucial to finding the most compatible solution.

The Ketchum & Walton Difference

Maximum Health
& Comfort

Overexposure to noise, even at low levels, can negatively impact your health. Our HVAC solutions maximize your overall occupant comfort and block noise from invading other areas of a building.

Exceed Industry

We help you lower noise to acceptable levels outlined by ASHRAE and the International Building Code.

Turnkey Solutions

We ensure a hassle-free experience when integrating our products into complex building designs.

Sales Team

We’re always available and carry each project through from start to finish to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Innovative Vibration Isolation Solutions for Real World Problems

Our various HVAC solutions can be used for multiple applications. Whether you need solutions for a rooftop unit or one located within your facility, we’ll be sure to find the product right for you.
Vibration Isolation

Vibration Isolation

We offer a variety of vibration isolation solutions to prevent structure-borne noise from invading areas of your building, including roof curbs, hangers, spring isolators, and more. We also use noise block panels to prevent noise from breaking out through the curb itself.



Louvers are an attractive option used as part of the intake/exhaust air system to control unwanted noise created by the equipment.

Duct Silencers

Duct Silencers

Ductwork is another common path for noise to travel through. Our duct silencers replace a section of ductwork to attenuate unwanted noise.

Seismic & Wind Restraints

Seismic & Wind Restraints

In addition to controlling noise, we also provide products that keep mechanical equipment restrained to protect it from seismic activity and high winds.

Here’s How We Effectively Solve Your HVAC Problems

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Chicago Team

Our first step is to visit the job site, identify your product needs, and develop a strategy for implementing the solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

Once we’ve analyzed your problem, we’ll put together a quote encompassing the HVAC solutions that will achieve your goals.
Step 3

Implement the Solution

Now that we have a plan, it’s time to execute the solution. Our Chicago team will be available during the implementation phase to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the final product, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

Promote Productivity & Peace of Mind within Your Facility

With noise pollution issues addressed and mechanical equipment protected, you can reap the benefits of a tranquil shared space that promotes collaboration rather than disruption. Employees can now effectively communicate, students can achieve their full potential, and everyday people can enjoy spaces as they were intended. Let Ketchum & Walton be the solution to your problem and help you keep structure-borne noise at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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