Indoor Air Quality Solutions for
Healthcare Facilities

Reduce operational costs, save lives, and improve the environment with green indoor air quality solutions.

Improve Patient Health While Reducing Your Facility’s Carbon Footprint

Hospitals, dental offices, IVF laboratories, and more require pristine air quality to minimize the spread of infections, improve patient recovery time, and ensure a procedure’s success. However, many healthcare facilities do not meet indoor air quality standards. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the epidemic of indoor air pollution in the healthcare industry as everyone witnessed the virus spread through unprepared health facilities like wildfire.

With at-risk patients spending almost 100% of their daily lives inside, there’s an even higher need for hospitals to prioritize cycling clean, filtered air throughout the facility. Without clean air, infections spread, patient conditions worsen, and hospital staff suffer from negative health effects that reduce work performance.

It’s time to improve the lives of those in weakened conditions and reduce our environmental footprint with effective clean air solutions that result in the best total cost of ownership.

The Ketchum & Walton difference:

1. Reduced Waste

Quality air filters mean fewer changes, which cuts down on landfill waste, a significant cause of environmental pollution.

2. Improved Patient Health

Cleaner air reduces a patient’s risk of developing chronic respiratory issues. Further, fewer airborne contaminants help protect those on the operating table from harmful infections.

3. Follow ASHRAE and ASHE Guidelines

Our team ensures your facility follows both ASHRAE and ASHE guidelines. We can work with Joint Commissioning to ensure your paperwork is complete.

4. Lower Operational Costs

Our indoor air quality solutions provide the best total cost of ownership for our clients and improve the efficiency of your entire HVAC system.

5. Dependable Sales Team

Our knowledgeable sales force supports you throughout the entire process, addressing any concerns along the way.

Promote Healing with Premium Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We have an array of indoor air quality solutions to meet your needs, from HEPA filters for infection control to UV lighting solutions for a mold-free HVAC system. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find the right solution.
Pharmacy and Operating Room Supply HEPAs

Pharmacy and Operating Room
Supply HEPAs

Our team can provide Fan Filter HEPA units to help pharmaceutical clients meet the needs of USP 797 and USP 800. We can often provide the HEPA diffusers in addition to helping with design and certification. Whether this is a retrofit or a new build we can work with your local design engineer to provide the correct selection for your facility.

Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA Filters

Bag-In / Bag-Out HEPA Filters

Our HEPA filters are ideal for healthcare facilities trying to stop the spread of airborne infectious diseases. Further, these filters are ideal for cleanrooms involving critical processes. These filters also come with bag-in-bag-out housings that allow for easy filter removals without letting harmful contaminants escape into the air. For a Radiopharmacy Exhaust, we have unique HEGA Carbon Filters that can protect the surrounding area.

General Ventilation Filters & Housings

General Ventilation Filters & Housings

Our team follows the most up-to-date Ashrae 170 standards. The recent addendums call for MERV 14-A, 16-A, and HEPA filters depending on the area or operating room. Our team can survey the facility and provide upgraded air quality when required. If needed, we can provide new housing recommendations to allow the hospital to become compliant.

UV Lighting

UV Lighting

These innovative products eliminate mold and harmful contaminants that build up on HVAC systems, allowing them to run as intended. UV-C is now an industry normal application in all major supply air HVAC systems within the hospital. Whether it’s a retrofit or a new build, we can design and install the UV-C system to meet your needs.

Molecular Air Filters

Molecular Air Filters

Clean air at a molecular level with our high-quality air filters that remove gasses, vapors, and molecules from your environment. These applications are commonly used for intakes near helipads and in IVF clinics to increase the likelihood of embryo fertilization.

Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Our air cleaners and purifiers fit seamlessly within any environment. Equipped with a HEPA filter, these products improve occupant health, leading to increased productivity. We can often build these to create negative airflow HEPA systems as well.

Here’s the Simple Process for Cleaning Your Air

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team

Step one is to contact our team and have us come visit the job site. We’ll identify your problem and strategize on the right solution.
Step 2

Get a Quote

Once we’ve identified your problem, we’ll put together a comprehensive proposal with our prescribed solutions.
Step 3

Implement the Solution

Now, it’s time to execute the solution. Our team is here to support you at every phase of the project and address any concerns.
Step 4

Analyze Results & Make Adjustments

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the result. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients, and we’ll ensure you always have a contact to resolve your issue.

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